Book Tour:You should see me in a crown

Hello Loveliness

Today is the my stop at this booktour of this amazing book ‘You should see me in a crown’

Like Everytime, let me start with the synopsis :-

Lizz lighty has always believed that she is too black, too poor, too awkward to shine in the small, rich , prom obsessed Midwestern town. But it’s okay – Liz has a plan to get out of Campbell, Indiana , forever ; Attend the Uber- elite Pennington college, play in world famous orchestra and become a doctor.

But on financial aid she was counting on some unexpected falls,Liz plans came crashing down…. Untill she reminded of the scholarship of prom queen and Kings . There is nothing Liz wanted less than endure a lot of social media trolls, catty competition and humiliating public events . But despite her devastating afraid of public Events, she is willing to take any risk to get into Pennington. the only thing that make it bearable is the new girl in school mack, she is smart and funny , as much as an outsider as Lizy but make is also running for queen.will falling for the competition keep Liz from her dreams or make them come true

On to My Review 😊

I really enjoyed it. This is might seems like a fun , classic contemporary YA book but it is more than that. The story is so captivating and emotional. I love all the story lines and it’s message. The characters were also great. All of them were imperfectly perfect. Liz was so great. She really has the hunger to prove her self to everyone. She is very smart and caring girl. I loved her confidence, and strong mentally despite having mental health issues. Mack is very funny girl. I had a lot of enjoyment in reading her part.

The book included a cute LGBTQ romance. It was really cute and fun. I love reading about Mack and Liz scenes. They have great chemistry. We need more f/f romance.

The main thing I loved about that book is description of mental health. Liz has anxiety. This book really showcase its how it take and how it affects it’s our body. As person who suffer from anxiety I was really touched by Liz attempt to overcome it. This book also deals with racial issues. Liz’s life showcase how difficult is to live in a world where small amount of balck people exist.she had to overcome every little thing in a her life just because she black. She had to endure public humiliation and so much more because of it. So if u love a simple story with cute romance and great message this book is definitely for you.




Author : Leah Johnson





Thanks hearourvoice tour and Leah Johnson to give me e-Arc of this amazing book and make me a part of the amazing tour. Thank u so much

If you want to follow this book tour , click in the link :

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